Do you ever come back from a vacation thinking you need a vacation? Because even though you are having fun and checking out all the cool sights, you are keeping busy and not relaxing. This summer try something new! Instead of planning a week long vacation full of activities just get away and refresh. A staycation does not have to be in the same city or state it can simply mean that you are staying in and taking time for yourself. At The Southernmost Key West Florida, we offer the best location for you to hide and refresh. Take your trip day by day.

Time Out

Take a time out; this is a time for you and you alone. Take a nap in the middle of the day, who cares; it is your vacation! Eliminate the reminders that pop up on your phone such as work emails, text messages, and telemarketers. Taking away these reminders will help you wipe away the stressors of daily life and give you a chance to focus on yourself. Put the clocks away in drawers and let yourself lead the day and not on a schedule. Banish the news for the week or a couple of days. The world should be revolving around you on your staycation.


Now is the time to treat yourself. Sleep in because you do not worry about waking up early to feed the kids. Go out to dinner every night; you deserve it. Order your favorite dish or indulge in a couple of desserts. Grab that book on the bookshelf that you haveSouthernmost Key West Florida been meaning to read and crack it open by the pool. The Southernmost is filled with history and peace and serenity. It is a picturesque compound with 38 rooms comprised of three distinct buildings, two pools and two jacuzzis, a bar and grand dining area.

Once you arrive, you feel as if you have left Key West and entered a whole new world. Enjoy wine by the pool and get a tan. Venture out to Duval Street for entertainment and relaxation. A short walk away, spend the day at the spa and get a massage that you have been needing. Your staycation should be filled with the things you want to do.

The Southernmost Inn provides you with space and luxury you deserve. Now is the time to take a break. With everything going on in life and the expectations we have for ourselves, we can build up a lot of stress. So, escape to The Southernmost Key West Florida for your staycation that you so wonderfully deserve. Grab that suitcase, throw in that outfit that you have but haven’t found a place to wear it to and join us for some fun and relaxation!