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Escape To The Southernmost Point

The Southernmost Point is a popular attraction in Key West. Not only does it bring rich history but a sense of adventure, knowing that there is a world beyond the point and the excitement that you have reached the farthest point of the United States. The Southernmost Inn is an example of the rich Cuban history. Originally a Francisco Marrero cigar factory built in the late 1800’s, the Southernmost Key West brings a sense of charm and mystery to your stay.


Key West has strong Bahamian and Cuban influences. In the late 1860s, many Cubans immigrated to Key West bringing their traditions and culture. At one point in history, the many cigar stores on Duval Street gave the city the name “Cigar City USA.” Once home to cigar factories, The Southernmost Inn has tried to preserve the character of the incredible history to create an escape like no other. A feeling of another life,

The Southernmost Inn is a piece of paradise. A place for someone to come and get away. Located close to the famous Duval Street the town is filled with culture. Try the Cuban-influenced product Cuban Coffee, which is espresso made from roasted Cuban coffee beans and a heavy dose of sugar. Rent a bike and take in the amazing architecture such as the Southernmost House, a Victorian mansion built in 1896. A favorite of both Harry S. Truman and Ernest Hemingway. Alternatively, take a walk down Duval Street and experience the trendy and lively atmosphere filled with boutiques, fantastic restaurants, and access to the best beaches. You could spend all day exploring the amazing town!

Tucked away in paradise, The Southernmost Inn is your secret hideaway. Perfect for getting out and seeing the city but also ideal for hiding away and relaxing. The Southernmost Key West, where quaint charm and hospitality meet with a rich history to create paradise. Indulge in the two pools, a Jacuzzi, an outdoor bar, and much more. The Inn offers serene and laid-back surroundings to relax and recharge after your time exploring the Southernmost Point.

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