You have made it to Key West. The sun is shining, the water sparkles, and you are ready to relax. You arrive at The Southernmost Key West, and as you walk through the front door, you are transported to a secret life. An atmosphere filled with rich history that makes you feel like you have stepped back in time. The friendly staff helps you check in and escort you to your room. The doors open and the sense of comfort and relaxation take over. You settle in and venture outside. As you stroll through the property, you find tropical flowers and the famous Hemingway cat. You make a pit stop at the outdoor bar and take a moment to relax after your days travel.

As you head back to your room, you grab your swimsuit and a good read and go to one ofSouthernmost Key West the pools. You take a few hours to read, take a dip, and breathe in the Key West air. As the sun starts to set, you grab a glass of wine and venture to the spacious jacuzzi. You walk down the street to grab a tasty meal at one of the many restaurants on Duval Street. Then back to The Southernmost Inn to rest your head in your comfy and cozy room and prepare for tomorrow’s festivities.

The sun peeks through the windows and wakes you up to prepare for the day’s adventure. You head to the main building for the complimentary breakfast and 24-hour Starbucks coffee to fuel up for Duval Street. Spend the day shopping and exploring the charming town. Return to The Southernmost Inn to relax after an eventful day and get ready to repeat it all!

The Southernmost Inn offers you the perfect setting to have your dream vacation. With plenty of room in our large compound and relaxing amenities, your days at the Inn will be filled with relaxation and Key West charm. Get ready for your secret life at The Southernmost Key West.