The famous Conch Tour Train in Key West is a must when you visit this beautiful island in the Florida Keys. It’s a fun and memorable way to explore the town and see everything that creates the city of Key West. As one of the most popular attractions, this train tour has been entertaining visitors since 1958. Bring your family or friends and be apart of the tour that over 15 million guests have raved about over the years.

About the Conch Tour Train in Key West

If this tour sounds like something you’d love, keep reading to learn more about what you’ll see, experience, and how to go about purchasing your tickets and getting to the train. 

The Conch Tour Train will start at the Front Street Depot and end behind it in Mallory Square. When you get a hold of your tickets, all you have to do is climb aboard and take your seat. The tour lasts for about an hour and fifteen minutes as it loops through Old Town Key West. Three stops are on schedule during the tour – Station Depot, Truval Village, and Sails to Trails Museum. At each stop, you’ll be able to get out and find some refreshments, do a little shopping, and get free admission to the museum. 

The best place to board the train after purchasing tickets is on Front Street. If you’re near the Roosevelt Depot, you can use the complimentary transportation down to the Station Depot. Visit the Conch Tour Train website for tickets and pricing information.

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