On your next visit to our Key West inn, take part in a lighthearted, fun, and just plain silly celebration that locals enjoy every year. The Annual Conch Republic Independence Celebration is held every year in celebration of the independence of the Florida Keys as the Conch Republic. Stay with us at The Southernmost Inn and discover all of the unique and exciting festivities that take place during this celebration.

What Is The Conch Republic Independence Celebration?

Though many celebrations of independence have backgrounds originating from disputes and wars between people, the Conch Republic was formed to bring humor. The Florida Keys began their journey to become the Conch Republic was in response to a particular series of actions by the US Border Patrol. The Florida Keys seceded from the state, and it was then celebrated with the saying “We seceded where others failed.” as a humorous jab at the US Border Patrol out of comic rebellion.key west inn

How To Participate

There are a large number of different activities, events, and competitions that make up the celebration. From a parade down Duval Street to Pirate Costume Contests, you will find something wacky to take part in. This ten-day celebration is through the last week of April and has something new every day. Most of the events are free to all who wish to enjoy the party.

Where To Stay

During any Key West celebration, you will surely need a comfortable place to stay. At our lovely Key West Inn, The Southernmost Inn, you will be sure to get a fantastic nights rest between each day of celebration. With charming rooms, and a beautiful hidden gem in a quiet part of town, and peaceful pool area all make The Southernmost Inn the perfect place for any Key West stay. You can call us at 1-888-525-0037 or visit our website to find your ideal accommodations for the best stay possible in the independent Conch Republic.