Famous artists such as Ernest Hemingway, Winslow Homer, Jimmy Buffet, and others have named Key West as a source of inspiration for their work. Even today, our beautiful Floridian city inspires modern artists to set up shop here.  Check out the several Key West art galleries scattered through town during your stay at the Southernmost Inn, because if famous artists loved it here, you will too. 

Your Guide to Key West Art Galleries 

Art connoisseurs know art galleries come in all shapes and sizes. Different kinds of art, media, and artists all come together in one space, depending on a curator’s vision. So, go in with an open mind, and remember that gallery hours often vary–so double check before you go. 

Key West Gallery 

This Key West Art Gallery on Duval Street is in the heart of Old Town. A grand total of 66 artists produce a wide variety of art here.  Sculptures and art are in styles such as expressionist, impressionist, realist, and more. Even famous pop artist Roy Lichtenstein has a lithograph for sale here, worth almost $100,000. 

Art on Duval: A Procaccini Gallery 

Art on Duval: A Procaccini Gallery is founded by artist Michael Procaccini himself as a gallery for his art, as well as ten other artists and guest pop-ups. Find his specialty, photography, as well as painting and drawings of everything from Key West scenery to portraits. 

Key West Art and Historical Society 

Between Fort East Martello, the Custom House, Tennessee Williams Museum, and the Lighthouse & Keeper’s Quarters, you’ll find several miniature art galleries that support the big historical picture being painted for you as you tour the monuments. Throughout the whole collection by the Society, they’ve gathered up 35,000 art and historical artifacts. 

Audubon House Gallery 

When it comes to Key West art galleries, the Audubon House Gallery is not one of the more obvious choices, as the house itself is the main attraction. However, after seeing how the original house was decorated–as interior design is an art as well–make your way over to the Audubon House Gallery and see the small collection of John James Audubon originals, along with reproductions that you can purchase and take home with you as a small piece of Key West to have forever. 

Zazoo Fine Art Gallery 

Fans of Felix the Cat should stop at Zazoo Fine Art Gallery to meet the owner, Don Oriolo, who is the son of the creator of the cartoon. Besides his own art on display, find about a dozen each of painters and photographers. Even Getty Images has a collection at Zazoo. 

Key West Inns 

After a day of browsing art, return to your room at the Southernmost Inn and gear up for a night out on the town. Many of the Key West art galleries, as well as nightlife, are a short walk from Duval Street. So, you don’t have to worry about transportation to all of the unique things to do in Key West while you’re here. Give us a call at 888-525-0037 or visit us on our website for more information about staying at the Southernmost Inn.