As you step out of your southern most hotel Key West, The Southernmost Inn, the air is filled with the delicious aroma of tasty dishes of fresh seafood and lobster. It is the Annual Key West Lobsterfest, and Duval Street is hopping with people crazy for crustaceans! Join us for this fun annual event to get a taste of Florida’s finest lobster culinary creations.

When And Where

The Annual Key West Lobsterfest is a hurrah that kicks off the new lobstering season. This festival is jam-packed with vendors, chefs, and foodies alike for a grand affair of savory flavors that bring Key West locals and visitors together for four days of celebration and food. On the corner of Greene Street and Duval Street, seafood lovers from far and wide indulge in the festivities of Lobsterfest together. Purchase your tickets on the Lobsterfest website and let the fun begin as you sample some of the most exquisite lobster recipes of Key West all in one place.

The Tastes Of Key West

southern most hotel key westBetween the Lobster Mini-Season and the official Lobster Fishing Season, this festival of foods brings Key West together in a celebration of one of their most excellent seafood catches! The Florida lobster is a gray colored lobster that lacks the large pincers of the red lobsters that with most northern states are familiar. You can find vendors creating tasty dishes of these tasty morsels in just about every form possible. From searing on a grill to lobster lasagne, each food vendor and chef creates a delicious dish that is unlike any usual restaurant dish.

Lobster Madness!

There are several local restaurants right down the street from our southern most hotel Key West, The Southernmost Inn, that participate in the Lobsterfest madness and put on their lobster best for attendees. Rick’s Bar Key West hosts the Duval Crawl while Waterfront Brewery holds a lobster boil. Each day holds a new event at one of the nearby local businesses.

When you stay at The Southernmost Inn, it is easy to see why this southern most hotel Key West is the perfect place to turn in for the night. You are close by the fun while far enough away that the noise of Duval Street nightlife does not disturb your beauty rest. Do not miss out on the biggest lobster celebration in Key West and taste the best local crustacean cuisine during the Key West Lobsterfest!