Key West is not only a dream travel destination for many, but it’s also home to the southernmost point in the United States. From its crystal clear water to its rich history, there truly is something for every type of traveler when it comes to Key West. During your next Florida vacation to Key West, there’s no better place to enjoy the southernmost point in the United States than at the Southernmost Inn

The Southernmost Inn is built in what used to be a cigar factory, which means that its unique architecture is truly something you’ll only find here. This Key West inn is also an adults-only inn, which means you’ll be able to relax in an atmosphere without the chaos of the little ones running around. With two pools, a jacuzzi, and of course, its proximity to the beach and the southernmost point in the United States, the Southernmost Inn truly has everything you could ask for from a hotel in Key West.

There truly is no better way to enjoy the oceans surrounding Key West than to get in the water and experience life below the waves for yourself. Snorkeling is the most accessible, and of course, fun way to do this, and luckily, the Southernmost Inn offers multiple options that will allow you to get in the water and enjoy some snorkeling for yourself during your stay in Key West. These Key West snorkeling options will allow you to get up close and personal with the Atlantic Ocean’s biodiversity, allowing you to swim with the fish and enjoy the waves.

Snorkeling Key West Excursions

The Southernmost Inn offers its very own Key West snorkeling excursions, affiliated with the hotel. They have groups that go out both in the morning and afternoon, and if you really want to spend as much time in the ocean as possible, you can always book both! These Key West snorkeling excursions will allow you to explore the only living reef in the United States, something that’s incredibly unique to Key West and its surrounding Atlantic Ocean. When you book a Key West snorkeling excursion with the Southernmost Inn, you also get the choice to book a Dolphin Watch snorkel trip, which will allow you to swim with some of the ocean’s most majestic and intelligent creatures — dolphins!

Combo Water Adventures

When you stay at the Southernmost Inn, you might want to experience the ocean in more ways than just one, and with their Combo Water Adventures, you’ll be able to snorkel, and more during your trip to Key West. This unique Key West snorkeling activity combines your snorkeling adventure with jet skis, parasailing, kayaking, and more, allowing you to truly experience the waves for everything they are!

The Southernmost Inn

When it comes to your next trip to Florida, there’s no better choice than Key West. The southernmost point in the United States has so much to offer, from America’s only living reef to crystal clear blue waters to explore. When you stay at the Southernmost Inn, you’ll be able to experience the surrounding Atlantic Ocean for everything it has to offer when you book one of their Key West snorkeling excursions. Here, you’ll be able to experience Florida’s Atlantic Ocean to its very fullest and get up close and personal with the ocean’s many animal residents, who are sure to invite you back again and again.