There’s no better way to celebrate anything–let alone New Year’s Eve–than Key West. We’ve got endless activities, a beautiful climate, and a fabulous culture to immerse yourself in. But when it comes to the very last day of the year, thousands of people travel from around the globe to spend it with us, due to our unique events and ways to count down the minutes until midnight. Let our team at the Southernmost Inn share a few Key West New Year’s Eve events to put on your bucket list, and soon you’ll be counting down the seconds until you leave for your trip. 

What to Expect at Key West New Year’s Eve 

The typical New Year’s Eve in Key West is not your typical New Year’s Eve: we’ve got not one, but six drops to look forward to if watching the one in New York on television isn’t enough. Check out a few of the most popular options for things to do for your Key West New Year’s Eve. 

The Conch Shell Drop

A Key West NYE would not be the same without the infamous drop of the conch of Key West. For more than two decades, the conch shell drop at Sloppy Joe’s Bar on Duval Street gathers a crowd of people in bathing suits, flip flops, and a smile as people dance and beads are tossed around. Once the last second of 11:59 p.. is over, confetti, streamers, and lights go up while the conch hits bottom.

The Red High Heel and Drag Queen Drop 

When you Google “sushi Key West,” you’ll likely find this Key West New Year’s Eve tradition, along with the expected Asian food. Sushi is the most famous drag queen in Key West, who drops every New Year’s in an eight-foot-long, glittery, red high heel from the top of Bourbon St. Pub. Once she reaches the bottom, she pops a bottle of champagne to the new year. Although the conch shell came first, this Key West New Year’s Eve event has quickly caught up in popularity.

Key West Inns 

Although these are the most popular Key West NYE drops, other options include a giant key lime slice dropping into a margarita glass, or a pirate’s wench into a ship’s mast at Schooner Wharf Bar, if you can’t get enough of the unique New Year’s drops. 

After beginning your new year with celebrations, return to the Southernmost Inn to rest, so that you can start the first full day of your new year with a full night’s sleep. Let your Key West New Year’s Eve prove to you that traveling and exploring the world is not only the best way to begin a new year, but also a great activity to prioritize in your life–no matter the holiday or the time of year. For more information about celebrating in Key West and accommodations at the Southernmost Inn, visit our website or give us a call at 888-525-0037.