To sail the seas is to dive into adventure and feel the freedom of the waves and fresh ocean air all around you. For the last nine years, sailors take their watercrafts and set sail for a Gulf voyage. The Conch Republic Cup is a race that for the 10th year occurs from January 26th to February 3rd and launches from the shores of Key West.

The Race

The Conch Republic Cup is a race on the waters of the Gulf of Mexico from Key West to Marina Hemingway Cuba and back to Key West. The trip into Cuba is to revive and rekindle the relationship with the people. Participants often spend a few days soaking in the culture and making small trips to other nearby ports on the coast of Cuba. Customs greet them and those putting on the race and documenting it will often be on shore awaiting their arrival to celebrate. The initial welcome into Cuba at Marina Hemingway usually consists of a bit of champagne and local music to set the mood for rejoicing.

Participants And Ships

Participants are often from the localSouthernmost Key West Florida Key West area or North Carolina but are not limited to those areas. If you have a craving for adventure and have a boat to fit the regulations required, anyone can register for participation. Boats need to meet specified standards and be of a certain size or larger to be considered safe for traveling the 90 miles from Florida to Cuba. Ships that take part in this exciting adventure are often ships with rich history and have been restored from years of sailing to continue cruising over the water to new places.

Front Row Seats

For the departure of the sailors and their boats, you can watch them set sail from the shores of Key West. In Southernmost Key West Florida there is rich culture, incredible beaches, sparkling waters, and many interesting events like the Conch Republic Cup. Stay with The Southernmost Inn during your stay to be immersed in the history and culture of the area. The historic inn will add authentic Key West charm to your visit. Come to Key West to enjoy the 10th Conch Republic Cup and everything else Key West, Fl has to offer.